A Mermaid’s Dream

As much as I usually can’t stand glitter polish because of the intense time and labor it takes to remove it, there are some polishes that are just way too awesome not to wear. This polish above is the PERFECT turquoise/teal/glitter combo. Called ‘Mermaid’s Dream’, by the one and only @DeborahLippmann, this polish literally makes you look/feel like a mermaid. (Please note the rainbow reflection on my shiny skin… #nofilter i kid you not…this polish turned me into an actual mermaid! :P ) Lippmann’s polishes are a personal favorite. The light teal base to this polish is pretty sheer, so I applied at least 3 coats to make the texture and look more opaque. 

Shop ‘Mermaid’s Dream’ ($18) and more of Deborah Lippmann’s polishes here.

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