After my blue ombre post, I knew I needed to get down a good DIY ombre mani, so that all my readers can try it out for themselves. It’s SUPER simple! Grab two colors, I chose ‘Cab Cabinda Angola’ by USLU AIRLINES & 'Minted' by Revlon.

First, add one full base coat, choose the lighter color of the two. (I painted all of my nails with the yellow polish.) Secondly, paint half the bottom nails with the darker color. (I then painted with the green, halfway over the yellow). Next, paint the yellow (base color) again, this time on the top half of all nails, covering half of the green. Paint two coats of the third step, making the top of the nail a bit thicker/more opaque. Lastly, cover with top coat!!

VOILA! There you have yourself a spring DIY OMBRE #FRESHMANI! Try it out with these colors…the yellow polish by Uslu Airlines is my absolute favorite and only sold on! (Fun Fact: delivers in NYC on the SAME DAY of your purchase!! How badass…)